Why Use Arweave?

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Web3 storage is broken.
Some collections are stored on centralized services such as AWS, or Google Drive. The problem with this is that the owner has full control over the content being hosted.
If their server goes down, or someone alters them — poof. That NFT now references a dead link, nothing.

Using IPFS

The majority of collections now use IPFS, more akin to old-school torrenting. As long as there is a peer with your data, it will be available and readily accessible. IPFS, however, also suffers from an issue which makes it somewhat problematic for hosting NFT collections.
The problem in question is what is known as garbage collection.
If IPFS deems your content unnecessary, it will be 'garbage collected'. Fortunately this can be easily avoided by 'pinning' your content through an IPFS service, but then we’re back to square one — having to consistently pay a node to keep your data hosted.

Arweave's Solution

Storing a collection on Arweave is pay once, store forever.
Project owners can have peace of mind their hard work is permanent, and easily accessible.
Secondly, this provides brilliant buyer safety, increasing the levels of trust between you and your community. Being able to tell your collectors "hey, your NFT data is stored here, and it always will be stored here" is a great way to ensure confidence.